CSC-1: Italy

Coffee Science Certificate

June 2018
Nuova Simonelli
Belforte del Chienti, Italy


The Coffee Science Certification (CSC) program is the first globally recognized program aimed at providing coffee professionals with a greater technical foundation of coffee science from 'bean cup'. 

Whether you're a roaster, importer, quality control technician, product development engineer, or simply a serious coffee connoisseur - this seminar will greatly expand your technical knowledge of coffee. 

This first series CSC track is intended to build upon basic scientific principles to explore technical issues in specialty coffee. As such this track will be primarily focused on taste chemistry, flavor development, coffee chemistry, post-harvest processing, green coffee chemistry, storage and overall coffee science. 

The seminar is ideal for any coffee professional hoping to gain a better technical understanding of coffee chemistry and its impact on quality.

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This CSC-1 seminar will take place over two and a half days (2.5d) on: 

  • Dates: June 2018 (TBA)

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  • Daily Agenda: 
  • Day #1: 10:00 - 16:30h
  • Day #2: 10:00 - 16:30h
  • Day #3: 10:00 - 13:00h

Please note the course will be conducted in English only.


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Seminar Description

The following modules will be discussed and explored during this seminar.  

Chemistry of Taste

CSC-1: Taste Chemistry

This module will discuss the overall mechanics of taste chemistry, sensory analysis as well as physiochemical interactions that affect coffee. The course will take an objectively based approach to understanding coffee from a scientific perspective while emphasizing real-world applications.


Instructor Biography & Testimonials


Joseph A. Rivera
Director of Research & Development

After graduating with a degree in Food Chemistry from the California State Polytechnic University, Joseph Rivera began working with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), a non-profit research foundation. During his time there he served as the organization’s Research & Development Scientist bridging together the fields of science and chemistry with practical coffee science. As such, his work with organic acids has pioneered a great contribution in our understanding of coffee quality and flavor.

His work over the years has allowed him to play a key role in the development of numerous internationally recognized training programs including the Q-Certification program, WBC Certification, Roasters Guild Certification and numerous other SCAA/SCAE programs.

In 2000, Joseph accepted the position of Director of Science and Technology for the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and further extended the role of science & technology within the coffee industry. During his tenure there he served as lead coffee scientist and technical educator for its three thousand member base.

Over the years he’s been featured on the History Channel, National Public Radio (NPR), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and numerous prominent magazines including New York Magazine, Entrepreneur and many others. 

Joseph has also been a frequent presenter at numerous international conferences including the Nordic Barista Cup (2011), National Coffee Assn, Russian Coffee Expo and the 1st SCAE World Coffee Roasters Summit (2012|Nice, France)

In 2009 after a decade in the specialty coffee industry, Joseph left the SCAA to launch Coffee Intelligence, LLC, an independent technical consulting firm dedicated to coffee testing, research & development (R&D), training and certification. 

Since leaving SCAA he's launched a number of interesting projects. In 2014 he developed the first and only Coffee Science Certificate® (CSC) training program for the specialty coffee industry with seminars conducted in over a dozen plus countries. In 2016, Joseph resented the first 'Chemistry of Cold Brew' presentation during the Specialty Coffee Expo (Atlanta, GA) and is currently working on a number of chemical studies in this new beverage space.

Today, he works on a number of R&D projects for Fortune 1000 companies involving application development, product innovation, single serve technology as well as emerging patent pending products.

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Coffee Science Certificate (CSC-1) - Italy





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Event Date Jun-01-2018
Event End Date Jun-30-2018
Nuova Simonelli
Via Madonna d'Antegiano, 6, 62020 Belforte del Chienti MC, Italy
Nuova Simonelli