CSC-2: Italy

Coffee Science Certificate

November 22-24, 2018
Simonelli Group
Belforte del Chienti, Italy


The Coffee Science Certification (CSC) program is the first globally recognized program aimed at providing coffee professionals with a greater technical foundation of coffee science from 'bean cup'. 

Whether you're a roaster, importer, quality control technician, product development engineer, or simply a serious coffee connoisseur - this seminar will greatly expand your technical knowledge of coffee. 

This first series CSC track is intended to build upon basic scientific principles to explore technical issues in specialty coffee. As such this track will be primarily focused on taste chemistry, flavor development, coffee chemistry, post-harvest processing, green coffee chemistry, storage and overall coffee science. 

The seminar is ideal for any coffee professional hoping to gain a better technical understanding of coffee chemistry and its impact on quality.

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Coffee Science Certificate (CSC-2) - Italy





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Event Date Nov-22-2018
Event End Date Nov-24-2018
Simonelli Group
Via Emilio Betti, 1, 62020 Belforte del Chienti MC, Italy
Simonelli Group
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