CSC-2: Italy

Coffee Science Certificate

November 22-24, 2018
Simonelli Group
Belforte del Chienti, Italy


For those who have completed CSC-1, we welcome you back, this time to our second level CSC-2 course!

Unlike CSC-1 where we focused on coffee as a 'raw product', in CSC-2 we will focus on coffee as a 'semi-finished' product and explore its chemistry. This new course will focus primarily on the processing stages of coffee, namely the chemistry of coffee roasting, aroma formation, olfaction, decaffeination technology and a more advanced section of organic acids. The course will run a 2.5 days and will include both theoretical and hands-on exercises to convey key fundamentals in this second level track. 

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The following modules will be discussed and explored during this seminar.


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Coffee Science Certificate (CSC-2) - Italy





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Event Date Nov-22-2018
Event End Date Nov-24-2018
Price $1,095.00
Simonelli Group
Via Emilio Betti, 1, 62020 Belforte del Chienti MC, Italy
Simonelli Group
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