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Last Updated: May 17, 2017
The following map shows our upcoming as well as past seminars conducted over the years.

Upcoming Seminars

Past Seminars



Coffee Science Certificate®

Program Introduction


The Coffee Science Certificate® (CSC) is the industry’s first and only training program aimed at providing a greater technical understanding of overall coffee science. The program which extends across a wide range of disciplines is focused primarily on the science and chemistry of coffee from ‘bean to cup’.

The CSC program is composed of three levels of certification (CSC-1, CSC-2, CSC-3). Candidates who have successfully completed all three levels of certification become an official Certified Coffee Scientist™. 

CSC Certification Tracks 


Is aimed at building a strong technical foundation of coffee, exploring introductory coffee science, taste chemistry, and issues related to coffee as a raw product.

  • Modules:

    • The Chemistry of Taste
    • The Chemistry of Coffee I
    • Green Coffee Chemistry
    • Green Coffee Quality Processing & Storage

Students/Instructor & Testimonials


Former Students

Since 2014 we've had over one hundred students attend including certified Q-Graders, R-Graders, SCAE Authorized Trainers (AST) from small to medium companies, to global Fortune 500 firms participate in our Coffee Science Certificate (CSC) program. Below is just a brief sample list:    


Upcoming Seminars

Upcoming Seminars

Our next tentative dates for upcoming CSC seminars are as follows: 

  • October 12-13th, 2016 - Dubai, UAE (CSC-1)
  • June 6-8th, 2017 - Belforte, ITALY - Nuova Simonelli (CSC-1)
  • August 28-30th, 2017 - Beijing, China (CSC-1)
  • October 3-5th, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA (CSC-1)
  • early November 2017 (TBA) - London, UK
  • late  November 2017 (TBA) - Hong Kong / Indonesia
  • February 2018 (TBA) - Melbourne, Australia

For a complete description of upcoming seminars see our events page.

If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, please Pre-Register (seating will be limited). 











We conduct a number of different private consulting services to suit your needs.

From chemical analysis of cold brew coffeesingle serve capsules, to sensory analysis of coffee - we are here to assist you.

Need to have a professional review of your product?

Contact us for professional feedback before launching your product or Kickstarter campaign.  

Analytical Coffee Testing Services

  • Chemical Analysis
    • Caffeine
    • Organic Acids
    • Customized testing
  • Physical Analysis
  • Sensory Analysis

Near Infrared (NIR) calibration development

  • Need a customized NIR calibration, contact us.
  • Development of quality standards/NIR measurements

Organic Acids Testing

  • Need to compare acid profiles in your roast? 
  • We offer organic acid profiling which will allow your to objectively compare roasts.
  • Testing schedule (coming soon).

Aroma Testing

  • How 'stale' is your coffee?
  • Complete aromatic profile testing for coffee
  • Testing Schedule (coming soon)

Product Research & Development

  • Need assistance developing signature roast profiles?
  • Need to compare a competitors product?
  • Need to take your idea from concept to final product?

Cold Brew Training & Consulting

  • Need technical assistance in developing your cold brew? 

Single Serve Capsule Testing

  • Want more insight into your single serve capsule?
  • Understand extraction profiles of your single serve capsules vs competitors
  • Objectively compare capsule performance & its relation to taste

Technical Assistance

  • Need technical assistance?
  • Need to support backing a scientific claim? 
  • Has a client stumped you on a technical question?
  • Looking to gain a competitive edge on your competition?

Intellectual Property

  • Patent Infringement
  • Expert Witness
  • White Paper Development
  • Product Development

Technical Training

  • Coffee Science Certificate (CSC)
  • Private/Staff Corporate Trainings
  • Speaker Engagements

We can also provide customized training, testing and consulting services meet your needs. 


Industry Publications

The following publications were written by Joseph A. Rivera:

Cited Publications was launched in 2004 as the coffee industry’s leading information portal on all aspects on coffee science, chemistry and technology.

Using our extensive years of experience and vast network of international partners, we provide the industry with the most up to date information on coffee science. 

Joseph A. Rivera, founder and creator of, served as the former Director of Science & Technology for the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) from 1999 to 2009. He's the co-creator of the internationally recognized Q-Certification program since its inception in 2000 with over five-thousand currently certified graders from around the world. 

Joseph holds a degree in food chemistry and has over a decade of experience in researching all aspects of coffee science from "bean to cup". He's presented at  dozens of international conferences and published numerous articles in the area of coffee science for the specialty coffee industry. He is also the creator of the first and only, Coffee Science Certificate (CSC) program which was launched in 2013 and conducted in over four continents. 

Over the past ten years, has worked with numerous research organizations, NGO's, as well as with private and public Fortune 1,000 companies from around the world. 

For more information please contact us  

Remote Offices:   

 Los Angeles, CA - United States

Bogota, Colombia - South America   

Melbourne, VIC - Australia