Coffee Science Certificate®

Program Introduction


The Coffee Science Certificate® (CSC) is the industry’s first and only training program aimed at providing a greater technical understanding of overall coffee science. The program which extends across a wide range of disciplines is focused primarily on the science and chemistry of coffee from ‘bean to cup’.

The CSC program is composed of three levels of certification (CSC-1, CSC-2, CSC-3). Candidates who have successfully completed all three levels of certification become an official Certified Coffee Scientist™. 

CSC Certification Tracks  

Currently the CSC program encompasses three levels of certification and is aimed at providing a strong technical foundation for professionals across every sector of the specialty coffee industry.   


CSC-1 is aimed at building a technical foundation of coffee as a raw commodity, understanding post-processing effects, overall coffee science, sensory analysis and addressing issues related to quality.

  • Modules:

    • The Chemistry of Taste
    • Green Coffee Chemistry: Fermentation, Processing & Storage
    • Intro: Chemistry of Coffee

Students/Instructor & Testimonials


Former Students

Since 2014 we've had over one hundred students attend including certified Q-Graders, R-Graders, SCAE Authorized Trainers (AST) from small to medium companies, to global Fortune 500 firms participate in our Coffee Science Certificate (CSC) program. Below is just a brief sample list:    


Upcoming Seminars

Upcoming Seminars

Our next tentative dates for upcoming CSC seminars are as follows: 

  • July 28-29th, 2016 - Los Angeles, CA (USA)
  • October 12-13th, 2016 - Dubai, UAE (CSC-1)
  • Italy - June 6-8th, 2017
  • Sept 2017 - East Coast USA
  • Sep 2017 - Asia

For a complete description of upcoming seminars see our events page.

If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, please Pre-Register (seating will be limited). 

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