Technical Coffee Consulting

We conduct a number of different private consulting services to suit your needs.

From chemical analysis of cold brew coffeesingle serve capsules, to sensory analysis of coffee - we are here to assist you.

Need to have a professional review of your product?

Contact us for professional feedback before launching your product or Kickstarter campaign.  

Analytical Coffee Testing Services

  • Chemical Analysis
    • Caffeine
    • Organic Acids
    • Customized testing
  • Physical Analysis
  • Sensory Analysis

Near Infrared (NIR) calibration development

  • Need a customized NIR calibration, contact us.
  • Development of quality standards/NIR measurements

Organic Acids Testing

  • Need to compare acid profiles in your roast? 
  • We offer organic acid profiling which will allow your to objectively compare roasts.
  • Testing schedule (coming soon).

Aroma Testing

  • How 'stale' is your coffee?
  • Complete aromatic profile testing for coffee
  • Testing Schedule (coming soon)

Product Research & Development

  • Need assistance developing signature roast profiles?
  • Need to compare a competitors product?
  • Need to take your idea from concept to final product?

Cold Brew Training & Consulting

  • Need technical assistance in developing your cold brew? 

Single Serve Capsule Testing

  • Want more insight into your single serve capsule?
  • Understand extraction profiles of your single serve capsules vs competitors
  • Objectively compare capsule performance & its relation to taste

Technical Assistance

  • Need technical assistance?
  • Need to support backing a scientific claim? 
  • Has a client stumped you on a technical question?
  • Looking to gain a competitive edge on your competition?

Intellectual Property

  • Patent Infringement
  • Expert Witness
  • White Paper Development
  • Product Development

Technical Training

  • Coffee Science Certificate (CSC)
  • Private/Staff Corporate Trainings
  • Speaker Engagements

We can also provide customized training, testing and consulting services meet your needs. 

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