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CSC-2 certification program officially launches in Italy

CSC-2 students from numerous countries.- (November 22-24th, 2018) CSC-2 students from numerous countries.- (November 22-24th, 2018)

Belforte del Chienti, ITALY - Last month we launched our second level Coffee Science Certificate (CSC-2) program at the Simonelli Academy in Italy. This highly anticipated track marked a major milestone in coffee science education as we advance our mission to expand coffee science globally. 

With the launch of this newest second level track (CSC-2) students will explored the following modules over the course of 2.5 days:

  • Roasting Chemistry
  • The Chemistry of Aroma
  • The Chemistry of Coffee II
  • Decaffeination Chemistry

Each of the modules presented build upon previous coursework and included both theoretical and practical exercises integrating hands-on coffee science principles. 

Coffee Science Certificate (CSC-2)

The course was conducted on November 22-24th, 2018 and included fifteen students from across Italy, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Greece and Israel. This year's group consisted of numerous Q-Graders, R-Graders and AST Instructors who were the very first students in the world to achieve CSC-2 certification. 

Coffee Science Certificate (CSC-2) comes to Italy Coffee Laboratory Exercises
Coffee Laboratory Exercises Coffee Laboratory Exercises
Coffee Laboratory Exercises Paolo Scimone and Helena working in the lab
Lauro Fioretti addresses a technical question Joseph Rivera lectures on the chemistry of coffee

Also, on hand was President and CEO of the Simonelli Group, Nano Ottavi, who welcomed the group of international participants to their global headquarters in Belforte del Chienti, Italy.

President/CEO of the Simonelli Group, Nando Ottavi (credit: Fabio Falconi) 

"The launch of CSC-2 shows our serious commitment of my team and I in furthering coffee science globally for the coffee industry", said Joseph A. Rivera the creator of the Coffee Science Certificate (CSC) program.

Upcoming CSC seminars are scheduled for 2019 with sessions scheduled in Los Angeles, CA as well as internationally in Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and Hong Kong.

The need for Coffee Science

Why is coffee science so important?

It's been estimated that coffee contains over 1,000 compounds which are formed through a complex chain of intricate chemical reactions during the roasting process. As such, understanding the role that science & chemistry play in this complex beverage is key in truly understanding coffee quality.

As the demand for better coffee grows, coffee professionals need to reach beyond the 'craft' and into the realm of science & chemistry to not only meet customer demands, but also provide a basis for coffee innovation. As the CSC program expands, an upcoming third track (CSC-3) is currently being developed to address issues related to beverage preparation. CSC-3 will explore water chemistry, brewing chemistry, beverage stability, and preservation for technical coffee professionals.


A special thanks to Lauro Fioretti of the Simonelli Group team for hosting this monumental event and serving as our education partner for the CSC program.

We would also like to thank IKAWA (London, UK) for providing their state of the art sample roasters, Lightells for their roast index analyzers, as well as Edoardo Quarta of Quarta Caffe (Lecche, ITA), Tomasso Bongini of Caffe Mokarico (Florence, ITA), and Simone Guidi of La Sosta Specialty Coffee (Florence, ITA) for providing coffee for our lab exercises and breaks.

And of course, a warm special thanks to Norman Mazel, from the Douque Group (Amsterdam, NLD) for providing numerous green coffee samples, including a special vintage green coffee sample from 1963 to use in our cupping lab. But perhaps we're most thankful for his cascara brownie cake which he personally baked up to share with the class. Thanks Norman!


IKAWA Electric Coffee Roaster

Thanks to IKAWA for providing the roasters

For more information on our Coffee Science Certificate (CSC) program contact us or download our brochure.

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