NIR portable coffee analyzer

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NIR technology for coffee

During the roasting process coffee beans undergo hundreds of chemical reactions leading to the development flavor. To ensure consistency, coffee roasters typically measure a coffee’s roast index by measuring a percentage of reflected visible light using a colorimeter.
However, unlike most roast analyzers which only measure surface color, with near infrared (NIR), the light penetrates the surface allowing for molecular interaction and providing a true measure of the coffee’s compositional chemistry. The result is a rapid, non-destructive method of measuring multiple components simultaneously ensuring greater consistency and better process control before and after roasting.

Portable handheld NIR

Unlike benchtop spectrometers, the AURA® handheld NIR spectrometer allows coffee roasters with the ability to rapidly measure critical quality parameters for better batch to batch consistency.

Measurement parameters:

The AURA can be used for green, roasted whole bean/ground coffee and instant coffee for the measurement of:
• Roast Index (scale): measure roast index using a wide range of industry standards or simply calibrate to an existing in-house instrument.
• Roast Loss (%): quickly measure the degree of ‘roast loss’ and estimate your cost of goods sold (COGS) to project profit margins for every batch roasted.
• Moisture (%): rapidly measure total moisture content in both green and roasted coffee to ensure better batch to batch consistency in raw and finished products.
• Density (g/L): roasting a new origin? Quickly measure the density of both green and roasted coffee to ensure your coffee meets roasting specifications.
• Water Activity (Aw)*: concerned about food safety? Quickly measure water activity of all incoming green coffee bean lots in seconds - (this is separate calibration)

Coffee data at your fingertips

Now the ability to collect and analyze your data is easy as a click of a button with ZEISS InProcess® software. Collect statistical data on all coffee measurements, export them to Excel/CSV for further analysis and recordkeeping.

Portability benefits

The flexibility and portability of this device allows you to take spectroscopic measurements up close and in direct contact with coffee samples. Its battery powered operation and large touch-screen display means it’s simple to operate. Add to that the intuitive InProcess® software and you have a flexible spectroscopy solution that can be used even by novices.
Everything you need is in a convenient carrying case to ensure safety during transport. A spare lithium ion battery ensures extended portability use for on the go measurements.
With AURA® handheld NIR you can take measurements into your own hands and get reliable results quickly and accurately while on the go.

Gather all the data you want. With real-time statistics, the AURA can provide insights to your roasts that never seemed possible.


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