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Thursday, 18 May 2017 18:40

RoAmi Roast Color Meter

Tired of having to run back and forth to the roaster to measure roast levels? Don't be tied down to antiquated bench top units. 

Introducing the RoAmi Roast Color Analyze. This convenient handheld unit measures coffee in both whole bean and ground form. 

Based off the SCAA/Agtron Roast Color Scale, the RoAmi can measure roast degree in seconds.

For use with whole or ground coffee. Available now via our online shop.

The following article was written by the late Michael Sivetz, inventor of the fluid bed coffee roaster. The opinions expressed in this article are not those of, nor do we endorse any of its claims. The article is only meant for educational purposes.

In 1975 Sivetz invented and patented an improved method for roasting coffee beans. 

Monday, 27 April 2015 18:31

Drum vs Fluid Bed Roasters

Unlike products other food products which require minimal amounts of thermal processing, coffee undergoes a dramatic chemical changes before it even exhibits any hint of its aromatic complexity. For this to occur, we must pass the coffee over the fire, so to speak, and transform this relatively boring bean into a bean with a myriad of complexity.

Monday, 27 April 2015 11:07

Chemical Changes During Roasting

The transformation from raw bean to finished product is perhaps one of the more complex stages in coffee production.

If you take a lot of green beans and smell it, it hardly has any of the characteristics that we would typically associate with roasted coffee. Yet once roasted, the raw materials within the raw bean undergo a significant transformation to give rise to hundreds of new compounds that we can appreciate.