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RoAmi - Roast Color Analyzer

Product Code: L103

Price: $1,295.00

Need to measure your roast profile on the go? Don't be tied down to antiquated bench top units? 

Introducing the RoAmi Roast Color Analyzer. 

This portable handheld roast color meter is the ideal way to measure your roast when on the go. The instrument is calibrated to the SCAA/Agtron Roast Color Scale so communicating your roast to your colleagues is a breeze.

Refer to the SCAA/Agtron Color Roasting Scale on the next tab.




Coffee Roast Analyzer


The following chart from ColorTrack shows the various degrees of roast levels according to the SCAA/Agtron Roast Color Classification System.

Image credit - Color Track Systems 



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Equipment Specifications
Size 220mm x 112mm x 76mm
Light Source Infrared
Weight 250g
Operating System Embedded Linux
Sample Format Whole Bean / Ground Coffee