Portable Roast Coffee Analyzer

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Need to ensure you're roasting consistently? Want to measure variations roast from batch to batch? 

Then we recommend the newly released Lighttells CM-100 Plus Roast Analyzer. This near infrared (NIR) unit measures the degree of caramelization that occurs during coffee roasting. 

Measurements are based on the SCA Roast Color Index that ranges from 5 (very dark) to 140 (very light).  Unlike the original CM-100 (white) this unit has a greater dynamic range and can be used for measuring very light or very dark roasts.

CM-100 Plus Features:

  • Portable
  • 100% NIR based system
  • Warm up time of
  • Self Calibration
  • Quick one touch measurements
  • Built in auto shut-off
  • Stores up 200 readings to memory
  • Includes aluminum carrying case 

What is the difference between the CM-100 (white) and CM-100+ (black)?

  • The CM-100+ (black) allows for up to 200 readings (100 for CM-100) to be stored in memory, a wider range of roast readings from 5 to 140 (5 to 110 for white unit) and immediate deletion of readings after taking readings.  

How does this compare to the Agtron system?

  • Both the Agtron and Lightells use NIR technology to measure roast degree. We've ran sample on both instruments and found a high degree of correlation between the values. Why be tied down to a benchtop unit when you can carry the same instrument portably.


Lighttells Roast Color Meter / Roast Coffee Analyzer

Roast Analyzer
Aluminum Case Included Yes
Battery Life 6.0 hours
Charging Port micro USB
Coffee Roast Index Range 5 to 140
Immediate Reading Delete Yes
LCD Resolution 128 x 64 mono OLED
Memory Readings 200 total (max)
Screen Size 1.6 in (4.0cm)
Technology Near Infrared (NIR)
Warm Up Time 60 seconds